Here are some actual testimonials from the NEVINS SERVICE REALTY audio marketing kit:

[Announcer] Well I guess its fair to say that you were impressed with Bob and his service. Now if I asked you to sum up how you feel after the fact, what would you say?
[Simon] You bet I was impressed! But what seemed to make him different than any other real estate agent, was the professional business-like manner, with which he handled the entire affair, always keeping in the forefront my "Bottom Line". He's not a salesman...he's a real estate genius and a real nice guy too! He got everything done on time or early, the right way, the first time. That shows his experience. I believe the keys to good time management, are wisdom and energy...and, Bob Nevins has both!

[Announcer] Now, let's hear from Steve and Tammy Wiper, of American Airlines:
[Steve & Tammy] "Bob helped us several years ago with the purchase of our first house. He arranged for some creative financing and gave us some good advice. When we decided that we wanted to move up into a larger house, we went to him. He told us that one of his trademarks was that he sells over 90% of his own Listings consistently. He Listed and Sold our house himself, (full price) and also negotiated the purchase of our dream house at below the listed price. They're not kidding when they say, 'List with Speedy Bob and start packing.' 'He says what he does and does what he says.' We constantly recommend Bob as the best Realtor in Tucson."

[Announcer] Here's what Tucson Police Officer, George Garman has to say:
[George Garman] "We had our house on the market For nine months and it didn't sell . When the listing expired, we asked around as to who was an experienced agent that was skillful in selling market tired properties. An agent whose nickname was "Speedy Bob" was recommended. He Listed and Sold our house in the same weekend, with a handsome profit for us too; we never go the sign up. Then he Listed and Sold our acre of land. He always had a plan B, plan C to Z, nothing stopped him or slowed him. I referred him to both my father-in-law and my sister-in-law. He Listed and Sold both their properties for full price also. You can't do better than 100%. He gives a 100% effort, and you get 100% results. Works for me!"